First Fitting - What to Expect

How the Fitting & Gown Alteration Process Works

You've found the perfect gown and are ready to make it uniquely yours with high quality, clean, and accurate work. Learn about the process - from first fitting to showtime. 

1. Schedule a first fitting consultation

This simple step starts with a 10 - 15 minute telephonic "meet-and-greet" with Master Seamstress Ana Hernandez.

During this call you will be able to:

  • Discuss pricing options
  • Schedule your first fitting

“I always encourage a phone consultation to help educate my prospective clients on what to expect before scheduling a first fitting session. Because the first fitting is an intimate process, getting to know each other is an important step.”

2. Your first fitting session

You've gotten to know your seamstress and the day for your first fitting has arrived. 

During your first fitting consultation at the boutique your seamstress will assess body shape and collaborate with you to determine your perfect look for your special day.

First Fitting Consultation

  • Assess how the dess fits
    • Shoulders
    • Bust line
    • Waist line
    • Hips
    • Hemming
    • Bustling

Determine Customization Options

  • Adding sleeves
  • Raising neck line, etc.  
3. Receive a quote for work to be completed

Once the first fitting consultation is completed a quote for scope of work will be presented to you .

The quote you will receive is fixed - there are never any surprises! However, your seamstress is happy to accomodate any additional modification work you may wish to request. Additional work will be added to the price of the original quote.

4. Your second fitting - measurement confirmation

Expect work to have been started.

On your second fitting day your seamstress will confirm measurements are accurate and if the previouisly taken body measurements are consistent. 

5. Your third fitting - 10 days before event

By the third fitting the work is complete.

This appointment should be seven to ten days prior to the event date. 

During this final fitting, Ana Hernandez will teach the bride how

  • Dress into their gown 
  • How to walk
  • How to bustle the gown

After the final fitting and everything is perfect, you will have the option to take the gown.

If minor alterations are deemed necessary, you may schedule pick up for a later date.